Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Geometric Nail Art

Ok guys I’m not creative. Don’t judge.

So when I saw this on Pinterest I was excited!
Some simple creativity and we’ll leave the difficult projects for Alix. 
Oh yea! My left hand is dumb. Other than that though the project was easy to follow and my nails turned out really cute! 

Geometric Nails Project Breakdown:

Start with clean nails and then apply base coat. I chose a light pink. 

Let this dry completely. After this I basically just applied tape all sorts of ways and painted in the spots left without tape. Second color—hot pink.

Let the second layer also dry completely and then again apply tape. Paint tapeless sections. 

Third color—grey. Let dry and apply a top coat.

All in all, I give this pin

  4 stars!

 Despite the ease of the project I had to take off a star since the project just took forever. Mostly I just ran out of patience. Also if you’re wondering about my color choices I’m in Afghanistan and the selection is limited. Good luck painting your nails!

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