Saturday, July 28, 2012

ZOMG! Free Fonts!

New coolest thing ever—downloading fonts! K maybe not really but it is convenient when your handwriting looks as terrible as mine. I found these cute favorites on Pinterest and from there went on a crazy person rampage downloading hundreds of fun, new fonts!
Then just like a great pair of new shoes I needed somewhere to show them off. However, since my boss tends to frown on my sending him emails in Simon Script--weirdo--I decided it was time for a few design projects. All of these were designed using Swift Publisher 3 for Macs. Unfortunately, my CSS doesn’t download since I live in Afghanistan and Internet hasn’t been invented. Kidding! But this program is a great alternative and it’s only twenty bucks!

Free Printable
A design for Alix' new nursery. I'd show it in a cute frame but again I live in Afghanland.  Supplies are limited.

Free Printable
This is one of my favorite quotes and I thought it would help my new bulletin board look cute. We want to see what fun things you designed using your new fonts! Show us in the comments section!!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Geometric Nail Art

Ok guys I’m not creative. Don’t judge.

So when I saw this on Pinterest I was excited!
Some simple creativity and we’ll leave the difficult projects for Alix. 
Oh yea! My left hand is dumb. Other than that though the project was easy to follow and my nails turned out really cute! 

Geometric Nails Project Breakdown:

Start with clean nails and then apply base coat. I chose a light pink. 

Let this dry completely. After this I basically just applied tape all sorts of ways and painted in the spots left without tape. Second color—hot pink.

Let the second layer also dry completely and then again apply tape. Paint tapeless sections. 

Third color—grey. Let dry and apply a top coat.

All in all, I give this pin

  4 stars!

 Despite the ease of the project I had to take off a star since the project just took forever. Mostly I just ran out of patience. Also if you’re wondering about my color choices I’m in Afghanistan and the selection is limited. Good luck painting your nails!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Brownie Cookie Dough Sandwiches

Brownie Cookie Dough Sandwiches

I'm not one for homemade oreos, mostly because the filling isn't my favorite. But I saw this pin and thought, "cookie dough for the center cream? Yes, please!" So I pinned it and then pinned a bunch more things and forgot about this one. 

Last night, my husband and I, were chillin' and he had a craving for something sweet, so I pulled up pinterest and this is the  pin he wanted to make. Since I was missing a few ingredients I ran to the store and came back home ready for some baking. Although my husband said he would help, he quickly gets distracted and ended up only softening the butter for me, BUT he did stay in the kitchen and we chatted about things so it was a fun night of baking anyway.

Ok, ready for my review of this pin? 

5 stars!

And here is why. First off I followed the instructions to the letter. Doing everything that was said and they came out delicious. I usually tend to skip a step or add an ingredient too early and it messes up. But over the years of cooking and baking I've learned the cooking and baking is a Science and the proportions and order of things do matter. 

There was a couple things I altered though, as I did follow the instructions I didn't follow all the ingredients. Ok, I didn't follow just one. That was the cocoa. I'm a sucker for anything chocolate and an even bigger sucker for dark chocolate, so I substituted the cocoa for dark chocolate cocoa and they were amazing. I would like to add even though a cup and a fourth seems like a lot of cocoa, it is worth it. PUT IN ALL THE COCOA! Trust me! It'll be so much better.

The cookies turned out perfectly! yum!

 The marshmallow cream is such a weird substance and it took awhile to get the filling all mixed in correctly but it was sure good!

 Finished product! Success!
I hope you enjoy them just as much as we did.

 On a totally unrelated note. I saw this family of ducks the other day. I counted 11 babies and they were so stinking cute!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Intro to Jess and I (Alix)

Although both Jess and I will be writing on the blog, I (Alix) thought I would first write about Jess and me. We met in seventh grade, German class, both being awkward middle schoolers and probably taking the nerdiest class together made us quick friends. Then we found out we had more things in common and soon became good friends. Again in eighth grade we had German class together. Then high school came, I transferred to a different high school and Jess went to the high school where all our middle school friends went. We saw each other at church functions but not much more than that. I moved then after my Sophomore year to Washington and Jess and I lost touch. For college Jess went to BYU-I and I went to WSU, but like most plans, my plans for college changed and transferred to BYU-I after freshman year. Since I knew absolutely no one except Jess, I called her up and we were roommates our sophomore year. Jess takes most credit, and I don’t care if she takes it, but I met my husband through her, they worked together, which is great that your best friend and husband are good friends too. After sophomore year I got married but Jess and I still hung out all the time. Currently Jess is traveling the world and having crazy fun adventures. I am currently still stuck in the college town waiting for my husband to get into med school and embarking on my own adventure of motherhood.

Jess and I don’t claim to know anything. Really we don’t. I can answer math questions for you if you want, and Jess is an awesome writer (so if there is crappy writing happening on this blog you can attribute it to myself), and can speak like a billion languages, but really we are no experts. We just love to create and try new things. So enjoy our blog!

Jess on the right and I am on the left.

And I just realized that I don't have any half decent pictures of Jess and I, they are all quite goofy, so here is one.